“I lived in Europe all my life, but I didn’t truly see it until I left”

Hi, I'm Stefanie

In 2008, I left my little village in the Southwest of Germany and moved to the United States. I left for an adventure, to travel and broaden my horizon. Life however took a different turn and I ended up staying! I just fell in love with the people, the landscapes and the way of life. There is so much to explore!

Growing up in a multicultural family has taught me many things, but it wasn’t until I left Europe that I realized how much it has shaped me: my desire to learn about other cultures, to try new foods and listen to people’s stories. I draw on experiences like that, as travelling creates unforgettable memories and enriches our personal journeys. 

I visited my home country a few years ago, a tipping point that has led me to establish Imagine Europe Travel. ‘You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone’ is not only a saying. Coming back to places I took for granted while growing up has changed my perspective. It reminded me of their magic and uniqueness, which enhanced my visit on a very different level than expected. I felt inspired and motivated to show people the beauty that is found within Europe. 

Before settling down in New Jersey, I worked as a nurse. I saw first-hand how important it is to spend quality time with our loved-ones, and the significance of living life to the fullest, filled with joy and adventures. 

Reality usually looks different.

People work hard, settle down, have a family and work even harder to care for that family.

With a husband in a high-demanding job, I see first-hand how stressed-out and overworked people long for a break, to recharge and simply enjoy the small things in life, such as good food, a glass of wine, and a change of scenery.

This is why I help busy professionals like you!

I will help you to escape the strains of everyday life by planning the European vacation of your dreams. You can explore different countries or one in particular – what matters most is that you enjoy, relax and bring home memories that will last a lifetime. 

Get to know me!

Who are you?

“Grüß Gott, ich bin Stefanie.” That is what I would respond in my German dialect, meaning “Good day, my name is Stefanie.” I’m originally from Baden-Wuerttemberg, a German state in the south of the country with beautiful vineyards and small, romantic villages. Now, I live in New Jersey with my husband and two little boys.

Favourite place in Europe?

That’s tough! It is impossible to choose one as there are so many of them. I love France because it is so diverse – it has these small, yet romantic places with cafés, little shops and lavender fields surrounding them, and in contrast, a largely populated city like Paris! One country alone can have the most diverse ambience. The country I visited the most is Italy with its amazing cuisine, captivating history and beautiful sights.

Favourite aperitif

A glass of red wine, preferably a Trollinger Lemberger, which is a regional wine from the area where I’m from. That is how wine should be! Otherwise, I wouldn’t say no to a good margarita.

My ideal vacation would be…

…filled with diverse activities, such as exploring old cities and their architecture as well as their surrounding landscapes and countryside, enjoying the local food and getting to know different dialects and customs – an overall authentic experience that catches the atmosphere of a place!

Somewhere in Europe I’ve not yet visited but want to is...

I’d love to take a boat trip to visit those beautiful fjords in Sweden or take a guided tour there hiking off the beaten path. And, as a Game of Thrones fan, it is a must to go to Ireland and explore those mystic landscapes.

Start off your European vacation right!

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